Alert My Manager

There are challenging times where sometimes thing’s do not go to plan. A customer or patient may not agree with the service they have or are receiving, situations may just occur in which you need urgent assistance.

We have developed a combined hardware and software solution to protect employees.

The solution comprises of a physical button connected to a desk or within a room and this connects to a control box. When pressed it triggers a chain of events, these are:

  • A light to flash over the desk or within the room. This allows for employees within the vicinity to discreetly be aware that a colleague needs assistance.
  • An App to be triggered with an alert, the app will notify the person in charge which desk or room needs assistance.
  • Back Office display screen being alerted of a situation. This back-office screen flashes up information of the desk in a situation. This screen could be visible to the security team or managers.

Our solution provides comfort to the employees that they feel protected.

  • Enhanced Employee Welfare – Reduces the likeliness of a situation escalating.
  • Resolution Time – Quicker resolution to situations.
  • Discreet but Powerful – A solution that isn’t visible to the naked eye but when utilised has a positive impact.