Virtual Queue Management

We have become a society that demands service immediately and with the emergence of technology we expect results quickly. Company’s vary in the way they want to service their customer base, at J&C Hendrick we work with you to understand what you are trying to achieve and deploy solutions that add business benefits.

We have a range of Queue Management solutions available, we have been deploying solutions in Ireland for over 35 years, we pride ourselves on listening to the market and our customers to deploy solutions that improve productivity, reduce waiting times and maximise the revenue opportunity. We operate in the following sectors:

  • Finance
    • Banks
    • Building Society’s
  • Retail
    • Shops
    • Supermarkets
    • Restaurants
  • Public
    • City Halls
    • Passport Office
    • Social Welfare
  • Health
    • Public Hospitals
    • Private Hospitals
    • Pharmacy’s
  • 35% Reduction in Wait Times – Wait times significantly decrease with Virtual Queue Management, understand demand and match staff to customers right first time.

  • Increased Productivity – By changing the process and adopting technology, it can significantly provide operational gains.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience – Providing choice to your customer gives you control and gains customer satisfaction. You know the demand, your customer is in a process, kept informed and seen right first time.