Sign In

Remove the Visitor Book and digitise your sign in process, ensuring compliancy with GDPR. We provide a smooth and seamless process for companies to sign in Employees, Visitors, Contractors and Goods into your building.

With its live overview screen, Reception and Security teams feel in control of the building, capture where people are and how long they have been onsite for. Providing information to make informed decisions.

Our cloud-based application allows you to vary the process depending on the information you want to capture. This means that you can capture information that is relevant to why the individual is onsite. Furthermore, you can then easily report on the information captured.
  • 15% Operational Improvement – By introducing sign in, our solution has provided significant time back to Reception and Security teams.

  • Improved Security – Our location module helps you manage where individuals are in the building. Ensuring staff welfare and enhanced data for building evacuations.

  • GDPR – With our GDPR module, you save significant time if a request for Information is made. No going back through paper records, information available through our specifically designed module.