Way Finding

As a customer or patient there is nothing more frustrating then not knowing where you need to go for service. The questions we ask ourselves when we arrive onsite:

  • What floor am I supposed to be on?
  • I can’t see my doctors name on the board? Am I in the right place?
  • How do I locate where I should be going?
  • Who can help me?

With our cloud-based way-finding platform, you can configure digital screens to enhance the customer and patient experience. Empower employees to keep customers informed, our platform can update Kiosks and screens in real time.

Within Doctors Surgery’s and Hospitals, it’s becoming more common that specialists now attend premises and require access to a room for the day. Reception teams now know the availability and update the calendar real time, which in turn can update kiosks and digital screens to inform patients as they arrive.

Maximise your investment, utilise the screens for more than just way finding, show content that is relevant and reduce the amount of paper advertising that is done.
  • 10% Operational Improvement – Front of house teams have been given significant time back.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience – Customers have information as soon as they arrive, reducing hesitation time and improving the all-round experience.